At first, Hussie introduced characters, and then later, after much character development, killed them.

After a while, this became unsatisfying. It was too simple, too straightforward. Things needed to be more meta. So he began introducing new characters that were already dead.

This put him at ease for a short time, but he quickly became restless. The next step was to bring back the ghosts of some of the characters that he had previously killed, and then kill them again.

But this was just more of the same. Double-killing characters was certainly a new twist, but in the end, wasn’t that just the same thing he had done in the beginning — introducing characters and then killing them?

He needed something new.

One day, an idea came to him while looking at a picture of fifty Nepeta cosplayers that someone had sent him. He could… introduce relationships that were already dead! Davesprite/Jade, bam! Canon-but-they-broke-up! DeadJohn/Vriska? Sure! Canon-but-they-broke-up, with DeadJohn re-killed as extra garnish!

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